Guiding Light is the contemporary and historical women’s fiction line of Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas (LPC). The series will launch in 2015. LPC plans to release two new books in the series each quarter.

At Guiding Light we agree that the first requirement of a novel is to entertain the reader. In doing so the story should have a strong action plot, emotional plot, and faith plot. These novels will be among the best the publishing industry has to offer, written by seasoned authors or beginning writers who exhibit creativity and a working knowledge of the craft.

Guiding Light themes and subjects are deep and serious. The woman or women are the central characters. Nicholas Sparks’ love story, The Notebook, has been mentioned as Women’s Fiction even though the male character plays a major role in the story.

Guiding Light stories may focus on a soft glow, an illumination of heart and soul, a flame of emotion, and/or a light to one’s spiritual journey. Our realistic stories are designed to entertain, encourage, inspire, and enlighten.

The first lighthouse was built on the island of Pharos in Hellenistic Egypt and the name Pharos is still used as a noun for “lighthouse.” It served as the port’s landmark and has been noted by classical writers as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Lighthouses function as beacons of safety. They are used as symbols of marking danger and revealing safe entry to harbors. The ultimate goal of Guiding Light is to show Jesus as the safety, the wonder, the light of the world.

Key Elements

Guiding Light Women’s Fiction

  • The story should entertain and engage the reader, primarily women
  • These novels are written by Christian authors, conform to a biblical worldview, and present wholesome values
  • Writers exhibit a knowledge of writing craft and creative talent
  • Faith element is a part of the story without didactic, preachy, or doctrinal tone
  • The mid-1960’s is the dividing point between historical and contemporary eras
  • Settings may be the US or abroad
  • Stories may include subplots and multiples points-of-view along with deep characterization and plots
  • The plot doesn’t have to center around a male/female relationship (although it may) but can be a story about family, sisters, friends, etc. with their concerns, life trials, dreams, fears, and hopes
  • We aim for the stories to tug at the heart and engage the reader’s emotions
  • Endings don’t have to end happily, but must be realistic and satisfying
  • Word count is 55,000 to 60,000 words

Submission Guidelines:

Submissions must include a theme, or take-away value, explicitly stated (1 sentence), a back cover blurb suggestion (1-2 short paragraphs), synopsis (1-2 pages single spaced), first three chapters, marketing plan, endorsers, and author bio.

Submit proposals in a single Word document and e-mail as an attachment to:

Acquisitions and Managing Editor
Guiding Light Women’s Fiction, Imprint of LPC

At this time we are considering submissions only from respected CBA literary agencies and requests made to authors we meet at Christian writers conferences.