Guiding Light Advisory Board


Do you have a passion for books? Would you like to have the opportunity to read manuscripts and offer your input before the books hit the shelves?

As a Guiding Light Board member, you will join the Guiding Light publishing staff and help us make decisions that will alter the course of our imprint.

Responsibilities of a TAB member may include…

  • read and evaluate previous women’s fiction published by LPC

  • read and evaluate books that are in the process of publication

  • vote on potential book covers

  • contribute marketing ideas

  • contribute content for our social media accounts

  • be an advocate for shedding light on positive books by participating in promotional efforts

You will also have the opportunity to be featured in occasional newsletters and on our social media accounts. Your role as a TAB member will be on a volunteer basis; however, you will receive a hands-on experience in the publishing industry. All members will serve on the board for 1 year.

Interested? You can fill out the form below:

Guiding Light Advisory Board Application